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Some of my friends tease me about my so-called obsession with electronic gadgets. I was reading the other day of a new toy called noise-canceling headphones. This new invention is designed for use whenever a person is traveling by airplane. These headphones actually quiet much of the noise generated by the jet engines. The manufacturer suggests that noise cancellation reduces the stress and fatigue associated with air travel. The science behind the noise cancellation is that the headphones have microphones that monitor outside noise, then process those sound waves and generate into the headphones opposite sound waves, which cancel out or beat back the unwanted noise. This noise cancellation technology reminds me that in our relationship with Christ and our interaction with the Scriptures, we have a noise cancellation system. When we study and apply God's Word to our lives; when we passionately pursue Jesus' Lordship daily, the noise of the world is quieted and we can hear Him


For the past six weeks the NFL has been in serious debate about the Denver Broncos quarterback, Tim Tebow (Heisman winner for the Florida Gators). Most of the sports talk shows have slammed him for being the least likely Pro quarterback ever. They contend; “He can’t pass. He under throws the ball. No, he overthrows the ball. He can’t even complete a pass in practice.” Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young stated that the way Tebow is allowed to play in the Broncos’ system is not “sustainable.” Young means Tebow won’t be great with his way of playing the game. Thursday night with some 5 minutes left in the game Tebow the Terrific sustained a 95 yard winning drive of 12 plays to beat the New York Jets 17 to 13. When it mattered the most, he looked pretty great! The NFL Network’s Brad Nessler, among countless others, described him as “magical.” Most experts are dumbfounded at how he manages to win games in such an unsustainable fashion. No doubt Tebow is a gifted athlete and leader. Wh


Winston Churchill —the great political statesman of Great Britain during World War II — was once invited to speak to his old alma mater boys school. Churchill, now one of the most famous men in the world and also one of the world's greatest orators, had done very poorly in this school. He approached the podium. All the boys were sitting up straight, totally quiet, waiting for great words of wisdom. Churchill stood behind the podium looking in the eyes of each boy. Then he quietly said, "Never give up." He stared at them again and shouted "NEVER GIVE UP" Next he pounded the podium and at the top of his voice he screamed, "NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!!" Winston Churchill then sat down. His speech was made up of just one piece of advice never give up. In 1491 Christopher Columbus was forty (considered old in those days), homeless and broke. Christopher Columbus was an outstanding sea captain — but nobody took very seriously his idea of sailing west in


It was Billy Graham who once said, "I have searched the world over in my travels for contented and happy men. I have found such men only where Christ has been personally and decisively received. There is only one permanent way to have peace of soul that wells up in joy, contentment, and happiness, and that is by repentance of sin and personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior." Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.—Revelation 3:20 For more than 2,000 years Jesus Christ continues to restore broken hearts and broken spirits. All over the world today He is placing hope into shattered lives and peace into troubled souls. When you let Jesus Christ come into your life as Savior and Lord, one thing is guaranteed: You will never remain the same. There is an old Russian proverb that says "He who has this disease called Jesus Christ will never be cured." Praise the Lord Christ-