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Are you having thoughts that something needs to change in your life? Do you have a sense that you are stuck in a cycle where you never have enough hours in the day and stability always seems to be just beyond your reach? Have you lost sight of your future? Then it’s time to consider your ways. If your priorities have gotten tangled and your motives are all messed up it’s time to do some spiritual house cleaning and remember God’s promises. There is a simple, yet profound and powerful, promise that you should understand and it is found in Haggai 1:13, “I am with you,” declares the Lord. This means that God isn’t waiting for you at the finish line of life, he’s with you right now, on your tangled messed up journey. He’s with you every moment of every day. This is true not just when you are at a church service, but it will be true when you go to work or school the next day. It’s true when you struggle with temptation and discouragement—he is with you. Other pla


There's a phrase that Christ-followers use to say all the time. I don't hear it as much, but I should. The phrase was, "God loves you and so do I." Do you want to develop an attitude of ministry? There it is. Do you want to develop a personal boldness that drives your interactions with others? There it is. God loves you and so do I. There's a reason the early church changed the world. Not only did they proclaim the name of Jesus, not only were they willing to take a stand for God, but they also loved people. You see it in Acts 2, when the Christ-followers began to sell their property and share the money with those in need. You see it in Acts 6 in the way their organized leaders distribute food and minister to the needs of people, so that no one was passed up. You see it still at work years later when the leaders of the church met with Paul and blessed his ministry and encouraged him to continue, asking only that he remember the poor. [Galatians 2:10] The church, f


There’s one thing in life that you can’t fake—consistency. You’re either consistent or you’re not. You can pretend to be loving. You can pretend to be generous. You can even pretend to be holy. But you can’t fake consistency. You’ve either got it or you don’t. The way you develop consistency is that you follow the examples of those who have gone before you and follow the example of your spiritual leaders. “Remember your leaders who taught you the word of God. Think of all the good that has come from their lives, and follow the example of their faith. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” (Hebrews 13:7-8) If your excuse for consistency is that you had no one to be an example for you the writer of Hebrews is saying that the Lord, Jesus Christ, is the perfect example of consistency. If Jesus loved you yesterday, he loves you still today. If Jesus had a plan for your life yesterday, he has a plan for your life today. If Jesus’ promises were real yesterday, his promises


Everyone thinks they need a little bit more—that includes the people who make a lot more than you and the people who make a lot less than you and the people who make the same amount as you. There's something about being American that clashes with the idea of contentment. Over 400 years ago Martin Luther said, "Next to faith, this is the highest art: to be content in the calling in which God has placed you. I have not learned it yet." There's something about us: We're just wired to want more. I know many people who have a pretty good spouse— they're faithful and kind and attentive and affectionate, but they're still not satisfied, because their spouse isn't thin enough or rich enough or funny enough or home enough — they just can't be content in their marriage. The writer of Hebrews mentions these two subjects (money and marriage) specifically when he talks about contentment. “Give honor to marriage, and remain faithful to one another in ma