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Start to Finish

Often we liken the habits of man to the habits of God. If one perceived themselves as fun-loving they would conclude God as being fun-loving. If one saw themselves as having difficulty they would fashion an idea that God has difficulty. Projecting our humanity upon His divinity could lead one to a misconception about how God functions and thus find themselves living with a faith that is fragile, futile, and fickle. This fallacy becomes apparent when in our humanness we fail to finish tasks of faith that we start. We begin with confident resolve affirming that nothing can shake us. Our love is heartfelt and steady. Yet, we fail to remember the sinful pleasures and temptations of this world that keep calling our name and once again at the point of being allured by its call we ignore the reality of our own evil hearts that can never conquer sin. King David—like us, displayed a heart for God then failing to finish what he started because of a sinful heart —expressed a divine confide


Are you ready to give up and die and go home to be with the Lord Jesus? There are some folks who see no need in hanging on in this world fighting against the daily pressures of life. I’m not talking about suicide, but the life that is exhausted by fighting the good fight of faith. They’re just done with conflict and ready to enter into the joy of the Lord. Occasionally it is a sickness or disease that speeds up the decision to depart. I remember my uncle calling me a few weeks before he died. He told me he had only one more place to go. I asked him, “And where is that?” He said, “Up!” His mind was willing but his body was weakening every day. When I went to see him, a few days later, we began to talk about old times and once again he brought up being ready to go see Jesus. I told him that he was not going to live one day longer than the Lord had planned. His departing was not sweet sorrow but a sweet hour and blessed event which will occur to all believers in God’s own sweet time.


Have you ever noticed that from one year to the next it is extremely hard to remember what happens to us on a specific date? Unless it was a day like 9-11 that produced earth shaking events we tend to not specifically recall what happens on that day. Take today for example, Mother’s Day, everyone who has a mother is making some kind of effort to let her know how special she is. A wide range of things will be given as expressions of love and endearment, such as, flowers, cards, eating out and other notable things. But what impact will that hold beyond a few days. I would suggest not much except for the fondness of the moment of being remembered on a special day. As far back as my memory serves I recall my mom being the one who took care of all the critical moments that came my way, most self-inflicted. There are a few so here is a brief but not exhaustive list. Mom held my hand while the doctor pulled a bean out of my nose. Mom held me close trying to comfort me and distract me e


As a Christ-follower I can tell you that living for Jesus is not always a bright sunshiny day. I’ve experienced spells where I felt like Jesus’ disciples out on the lake in the middle of the night when a Texas-sized thunderstorm breaks forth crying out and exclaiming, “Lord rescue me from this trouble!” After such episodes you have to claim the Word of God to strengthen you or you will find yourself again and again thinking; “This isn’t worth this kind of trouble.” There is just going to be certain periods when the clouds blot out the sun and you are going to have to walk in some darkness for a while. Jeremiah 17:17 is a good verse in times like these; “You are my hope in the day of disaster.” Even the famous ones of the Bible had their moments of walking in darkness. That’s why I treasure Psalm 23 so much. David points out the times of peace when all is pleasant as he takes naps in “green pastures” and follows the way of the Lord by “still waters.” His life is refreshed by livi