As a Christ-follower I can tell you that living for Jesus is not always a bright sunshiny day. I’ve experienced spells where I felt like Jesus’ disciples out on the lake in the middle of the night when a Texas-sized thunderstorm breaks forth crying out and exclaiming, “Lord rescue me from this trouble!” After such episodes you have to claim the Word of God to strengthen you or you will find yourself again and again thinking; “This isn’t worth this kind of trouble.” There is just going to be certain periods when the clouds blot out the sun and you are going to have to walk in some darkness for a while. Jeremiah 17:17 is a good verse in times like these; “You are my hope in the day of disaster.”

Even the famous ones of the Bible had their moments of walking in darkness. That’s why I treasure Psalm 23 so much. David points out the times of peace when all is pleasant as he takes naps in “green pastures” and follows the way of the Lord by “still waters.” His life is refreshed by living and following God in His righteousness. But just at that moment of spiritual bliss he hits a snag and the pastures have turned into a dusty drought consumed desert. Those calm waters of refreshment have turned dangerously turbulent and he is now walking (not running) through the darkest of valleys. But he strikes the tune of Jeremiah by proclaiming he is not afraid because His God is close beside him—his hope in the day of disaster (evil).
There is not one Christ-follower who has ever enjoyed uninterrupted success. Some believers travel with the Lord for long seasons of smooth sailing because they are not yet ready for the darkness. But as you experience the greenness of God’s goodness you will be stronger in your spiritual life than when you first begun. Now, at that time, when you’re full grown your faith is ready for tempering in the midst of the tempests of life. Suddenly, you will be surrounded with evil. Your days of trouble will reveal the value of your glorious hope. This is when you are truly living for Jesus.


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