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“Lord, I promise!” That is a phrase that many a Christ-follower has vowed at some time or the other. We assure the Lord even if everyone else stumbles we will not let him down. It’s not too long after that we end up eating our own words and they taste somewhat bitter. If that has happened to you then you should be able to relate to Peter. He boasted confidently that he would never forsake and deny his Lord only to realize in a pool of tears that his Lord knew him better than he knew himself.   “Suddenly, Jesus' words flashed through Peter's mind… And he broke down and wept.” (Mark 14:72) Have you ever come to tears over your failure to live righteously? Has the sin of your stony heart been broken by the gracious gaze of the Savior’s outstretched arms of forgiveness resulting in gushing forth crocodile tears of remorse? If you would think for just a moment and remember what you vowed you would be, then recalling the distance you put between your oath and your heart with r


More than any other time in recent history secularism is overtaking our society leaving no witness that God is alive and on His throne. The voices are many telling this and the next generation what to do. Some are optimistic saying, “Be brave! This crisis isn’t going to last that long.” Some are pessimists proclaiming, “We’re done for!” Many will hear alarmists and scoffers and walk away shrugging their shoulders saying, “What difference does it make anyway?” There needs to be a clear voice, a true voice, a real voice, a voice crying out in the wilderness of godlessness. The prophet, Joel says it must be the voice of parents telling their children the truth of the Word of the Lord. The result will be that their children and grandchildren will pass Him down for generations to come. Tell your children about it in the years to come, and let your children tell their children. Pass the story down from generation to generation. (Joel 1:3) Parents are not getting the job done and th

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In the middle of July families are on vacation relaxing and taking it easy because it’s summertime. But, in just six weeks a new school year begins. Students will resume their learning in the ABC’s of education. The quest for continued and higher education is important for every child to gain the basic skills to navigate through the world they will lead and live in. It is also important for every child of God to be instructed in the alphabet of truth. As a Christ-follower begins the transformation to develop into the masterpiece God has planned for them it becomes a bit overwhelming to walk in the way of the Lord. We may know some things but quickly realize the vastness of our ignorance in His path, His way, and His truth. Often are the times we discover our walk needs improvement and we ask the Lord to still lead us onward with his guiding and helping hand. Our efforts to go it alone have only brought despair and discouragements which turn us back to Him in prayer craving to be f


The sultry days of July are upon us. The summer months put us on notice that the sun is out the heat is up and the rain is for the most part non-existent. This has been the status for the past five years in north Texas as we have experienced an “exceptional drought.”   But the recent heavy rains of April and May have help us to emerge from the worst of its effects filling our lakes to overflowing and greening up the vegetation that is usually brown and brittle by this time of year. Times of drought make us appreciate the benefits of needed rain — summer or winter. In these days mankind is experiencing an exceptional drought of self-sacrifice. It is hard to find lives flowing with streams of living water giving value, virtue, and morality to the society by the means of truth. Instead there are lives of self-fulfillment becoming boundless reservoirs of progressive morality simply guided by their inward goodness. Self has become autonomous in determining society’s destiny. It won’