More than any other time in recent history secularism is overtaking our society leaving no witness that God is alive and on His throne. The voices are many telling this and the next generation what to do. Some are optimistic saying, “Be brave! This crisis isn’t going to last that long.” Some are pessimists proclaiming, “We’re done for!” Many will hear alarmists and scoffers and walk away shrugging their shoulders saying, “What difference does it make anyway?” There needs to be a clear voice, a true voice, a real voice, a voice crying out in the wilderness of godlessness. The prophet, Joel says it must be the voice of parents telling their children the truth of the Word of the Lord. The result will be that their children and grandchildren will pass Him down for generations to come.

Tell your children about it in the years to come, and let your children tell their children. Pass the story down from generation to generation. (Joel 1:3)
Parents are not getting the job done and the social structures are taking over this important parental responsibility of teaching our children. Solid foundations are formed at home the repository of safety and trust. Yet it’s not being done. Parent you must see it as your personal duty to train your child. You cannot delegate it to their Sunday School Teachers. They are good in aiding the process, but can’t be proxies. It is your obligation to do so mom and dad. Talk personally with your child about the fear of God and His wonderful mighty works for this is a vital part of their well-being.
Instructing your child in faith and how to live for Jesus is the most valuable and important thing you will ever do for them. Don’t neglect the instruction of your children. No one else has a greater vested interest in the direction their lives will take. The result will be that they in turn will pass Him down to their children and then to their children. This nation, the family itself, and the church of God will benefit from your efforts in the long term. May your house radiate His glory.


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