“Lord, I promise!” That is a phrase that many a Christ-follower has vowed at some time or the other. We assure the Lord even if everyone else stumbles we will not let him down. It’s not too long after that we end up eating our own words and they taste somewhat bitter. If that has happened to you then you should be able to relate to Peter. He boasted confidently that he would never forsake and deny his Lord only to realize in a pool of tears that his Lord knew him better than he knew himself.  “Suddenly, Jesus' words flashed through Peter's mind… And he broke down and wept.” (Mark 14:72)

Have you ever come to tears over your failure to live righteously? Has the sin of your stony heart been broken by the gracious gaze of the Savior’s outstretched arms of forgiveness resulting in gushing forth crocodile tears of remorse? If you would think for just a moment and remember what you vowed you would be, then recalling the distance you put between your oath and your heart with repeated disclaimers of falsehoods when brought into account concerning your promise, you might see just how indifferent and stubborn your sinful nature can be. Realizing this — if the Spirit is within — you would respond like the apostle and break down and weep with showers of grief.
Our Lord is so good and full of loving kindness; to think that we have offended him is ample reason for us to be continual criers. Lord, break our stony hearts, and make the tears flow.


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