Have you ever noticed that from one year to the next it is extremely hard to remember what happens to us on a specific date? Unless it was a day like 9-11 that produced earth shaking events we tend to not specifically recall what happens on that day. Take today for example, Mother’s Day, everyone who has a mother is making some kind of effort to let her know how special she is. A wide range of things will be given as expressions of love and endearment, such as, flowers, cards, eating out and other notable things. But what impact will that hold beyond a few days. I would suggest not much except for the fondness of the moment of being remembered on a special day.

As far back as my memory serves I recall my mom being the one who took care of all the critical moments that came my way, most self-inflicted. There are a few so here is a brief but not exhaustive list. Mom held my hand while the doctor pulled a bean out of my nose. Mom held me close trying to comfort me and distract me every time I went to the doctor and had to get a shot, which terrified me. Mom was at my side when they took out my tonsils and she feed me ice cream at my bedside. Mom tucked me in at night and helped me say my prayers. Mom took me to school each day until I could drive.
Mom disciplined me every time I needed it (that keep her pretty busy for a few years), like the time I put the motor-grader in the lake. Mom made me sit on the porch all day after that. She was the only one that day who took corrective measures with a quick swat across my back-side. I know now it was because Mom realized how close she came to losing her son that day. Only a mom could feel that. Uncle Jimmy took pictures and Daddy swam out to rescue the tractor only Mom focused on me.
Mom was my date at the Junior High sports banquet when after trying to ask the girl across the street to go with me but got embarrassed because I asked her older sister by mistake and hung up the phone— Mom went so I wouldn’t be alone. When I got poison ivy so bad Mom changed my sheets it seems like twice a day and doctored me back to health. Mom took me to meet with my Science teacher/football coach when I didn’t turn in my science project, which I threw in the dumpster on the way into school because I was so ashamed to present it— Mom taught me to face my failures (character building…thanks).
Mom was there when my marriage fell apart with support and encouragement and room and board. Mom always found a way to make my road less bumpy. Mom came to Olive Place and brought order and stability to a disorganized accounting system which lowered my stress. Mom eats lunch with me every Monday and I look across that table and wonder what kind of life I would have had if Mom were not my mom.  Mom is such a fine and regal woman— noble in so many ways. But most of all I get to call her Mom. Mom is owed many heartfelt thanks for taking care of me along my journey. I love Mom more with each passing day because I recognize the worth of her life and the value she gives to mine.
My hope is you can recall your mom’s role in your journey and, like me, make it known to all.


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