Christ-followers are to have a heart of gladness; however we must take care that the source of our gladness be found in the Lord Jesus Christ. We should sing like David, “To God—the source of all my joy.” (Psalm 149:2)
Every attribute of God should become a fresh ray of sunshine for our gladness. After all, our Lord reigns and is King of Kings! We are so blessed that He sits on the throne and rules over all things. Knowing that He is wisdom should make us glad because on our own we get into all kinds of foolishness.
Our God is mighty. We are weak.  He is everlasting.  We wither like grass under the pressures of life. Jehovah is unchanging.  We chase every new idea in hopes that the change will be just what we longed for when in reality it leaves us more unstable than before.
What really should make you glad is God is full of grace. He is overflowing with it! Grace is His covenant He has given us. It is here to cleanse us to sanctify us, to protect us to bring us to His glory. If that doesn’t make you glad believer, nothing will!
This gladness we find only in God is like a deep river, we have only edged along its banks seeing that it is clearer than another worldly stream but plunging into its depths yields spontaneous joy. This takes the Christ-follower into the delight of what God is and all that He has done for us. This is where King David found himself in the Psalms singing to the heart of God about what He had done concerning His people. We must never cease singing for his mercies flow fresh every day.  As we live our journey here on earth do it with great joy and gladness over the loving acts of our Lord.
Oh, be glad, be very glad children of the Kingdom of Heaven and rejoice in the Lord your God.


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