When we go through trial and temptation we frequently and fervently pray that God will not abandon us in those moments.  Why is it we forget that we need to pray this way at all times?

There’s not a time in our life, no matter how blessed we are, in which we can afford to do without His continuous protection. It doesn’t matter if we are walking in close relationship with His light or standing in darkness or temptation we should be praying, “Do not abandon me, O LORD. Do not stand at a distance, my God. Come quickly to help me, O Lord my savior.” — Psalm 38:21-22 NLT

Even little children while learning to walk need a steady strong parental hand to hold onto while keeping them safe from falling in their struggling attempts to balance as they move forward. Your car will quickly drift off the road into the ditch once you remove your hands from the wheel. So then, we cannot do without the constant and continuing aid from the Father above. 

I suggest that you let this be your prayer today:

Lord, do not abandon me. I am your child and will fall by the hand of the enemy if you do not hold me tight. As your lamb be my Shepherd or I will be prone to wander from the fold. I’m like a plant in your garden without your pruning the branches that are not useful to You, I will wither and die. O Lord, do not abandon me now, not for a single moment of my life. Do not abandon me when I’m enjoying life so that my heart will not be drawn to value the things of this world. Do not abandon me in my predicaments, in case I gripe and complain against You. Do not abandon me in the days when I repent, or I might lose hope of forgiveness, and fall into despair. Do not abandon me in the days when my faith is the strongest, lest I forget the author and finisher of my faith. Do not abandon me because without You I am weak, but with you I am strong. Do not abandon me because this world is dangerous and full of pitfalls, I can’t navigate it without Your guidance. Allow me, like a little chick, to always find refuge under Your sheltering wings. Do not abandon me, Lord, for trouble is always near and there is no one but You who can help because You, O Lord, are my Savior. Amen!



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