Mankind will always have finite knowledge. Honestly, there are things in this world that intentionally remain a mystery to even the most intelligent investigative minds. Infinite knowledge is God’s alone. If this is true concerning the things fixed to the world’s time-line—past, present, and future then we can be confident that it also applies to matters that are spiritual and eternal.  Bible Students torture their brains with all kinds of assumptions concerning end-times, predestination, election, and human responsibility. These are deep and expansive truths that elude our total comprehension. We are no more able to grasp theses issues than we are in determining the dimensions of the foundations of the earth. “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell me, if you know so much. Who determined its dimensions and stretched out the surveying line? What supports its foundations, and who laid its cornerstone?” (Job 38:4-6)

Our curious fallen nature always wants to know the reason for God’s motives and His actions. Could any of us ever be able to hold the sun, moon, stars— the universe in the palm of our hand? To God these things are just a drop-in-the-bucket. Since these efforts to understand the infinite are fleeting, we would best use our time strengthening ourselves in the love He has fully disclosed to us through Jesus Christ.
What we cannot gain by intelligence we can possess by loving one another which would better serve the kingdom. We cannot determine the scope of God’s sovereignty, but we can move forward, like Job with the admission that “We know that He can do anything, and no one can stop Him. These things are yours God, and far too wonderful for us.” Even if we could determine what supports the earth’s foundations, it would serve no useful purpose to us or to others. It wouldn’t save the planet or give back one inch of eroded soil. Even the deepest mysteries of eternity would not compare to loving the least of these and following Christ in the simplest act of obedience. These things are far better than the weightiest knowledge.
Lord, we leave the infinite to You, and pray that You keep our love for the tree of knowledge far from our reach.


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