Victimized No Longer

As things stand right now, related to your current condition, do you find yourself asking, “Where is God in all of this?” Well, you’re not alone. David had some of those same suppositions. “But he thought to himself, ‘One of these days, Saul is going to kill me.’” (1 Samuel 27:1 CEV)

The giant slayer who was no stranger to danger, who killed lions and bears while protecting his father’s sheep fell victim to his feelings. He based his fear not on his faith but rather his emotions. From the time that Samuel anointed him for kingship there was not one event in which God’s mighty hand failed to deliver him. The thoughts of his heart during this time were bogus thoughts.  All that God had brought him through, God proved Himself over and over that He was his protector. The Lord had never forsaken him and he had no evidence to the contrary, yet he felt the need to flee.

We are just like David in the way that we doubt— thinking “Where’s God in my turbulence?” Why do we think we have a reason to mistrust His faithfulness? Is there reason to question His loving kindness or His amazing grace? The simple answer is no! The Almighty will never forsake us at any time. We have all found ourselves in way over our heads falling deeper and deeper into the black abyss only to have his loving light to push back the darkness. No matter the conflict He will always be our shield and defender. He has never wasted any hurt that has tormented us, but turned it into glory.

So then, let us remind ourselves that our knowledge of Him, through His Word, in our lives is the evidence and proof that He will not forsake us and will be faithful to keep us to the very end. Don’t be victimized any longer by your feelings! Lord help us conquer our thoughts of unbelief and conclude, by tempered faith, that you are able to deliver us. Amen!


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