Digest That Prescription

Suppose you had not been feeling well for some time, you go to see a doctor. The illness was nothing serious, but the doctor felt that you needed to take some medication in order to address the problem. The doctor wrote a prescription for the medicine and gave it to you. You go home, and attach the prescription to the door of your refrigerator where you could see it anytime you passed by. You never filled the prescription – and your illness never went away.

You would never do that, would you? Of course not! Looking at a prescription for medicine can’t help anyone get better. One must have the prescription filled at a pharmacy and then actually take the medicine – for it to do the job it is supposed to do.
Still, how often do we treat our life as Christ-followers in a similar way? The Bible provides us with God’s “medicine” for living spiritually healthy lives. It shows us how to live. It provides us with the ultimate framework for living out God’s will. But, we’ll never know if we are doing the will of God, if we don’t know what it is. So too often, we cut corners in this one very important aspect of spiritual life – letting our time in reading, studying and meditating on the Word – become reduced for any number of reasons.
By spending time in God’s Word on a regular basis, we take action to make sure we’re filling the prescription and taking the medicine that will make us whole. 
Do you want to live a more fulfilling life as you live for Jesus? Do you want to live more confidently by having a greater understanding of God’s will for your life? It’s all in the Word! Digest it into your life today!


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