When I start feeling the poor-poor-pitiful-me state of mind it usually means that there is something wrong with my entire approach to my life’s priorities. They are out of sync. This is when I hear Jesus saying to me, just as he said to Martha in Luke 10:41, “Eddie, Eddie…you just don’t get it do you?” Eddie you are worried and upset over all these details! There is only one thing worth being concerned about at this point. Eddie you need to be sitting at my feet and spending time in my presence.

Christ-follower here is one of the most important life lessons you can learn if you find yourself living in the poor-poor-pitiful-me syndrome. If you can integrate this spiritual truth into your daily walk, you will rejuvenate your spiritual life, your relationship with God, your relationship with others, and the way you pursue your life’s priorities.

This is a must learn: Jesus wants to be loved before he wants to be served.

Before you do anything publicly for God you must fellowship with him privately. The Lord wants your companionship before he wants your service. Jesus wants you to serve him, no question about it, but he wants you to serve him after you fellowship with him, after you spend time in his presence.

Have you been so overwhelmed with the do’s and don'ts of life that you’ve lost the sense of his presence in your life? You are at that point you need to hit the reset button on your life—just like when your PC locks up, it needs a reboot. To keep your life moving in the right direction, you need to nail down the above mentioned truth. It is simply a matter of first-things-first. The rule for living a life in God is now and always will be—Love First, Serve Second. This rule also applies to your marriage, to your children, and to every relationship that matters. Love first, serve second. If life is out of control take my advice and make it a habit to sit down and sit still in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ every day of your life. You do this by spending time in prayer, reading the Word. If you put this at the top of your life list of priorities you will discover that the order of the other priorities in your life will fall into place. I think you will find the payoff is worth the investment. Love first. Serve second.


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