Life doesn't always go the way you want it to, and sometimes you let bitterness and resentment build up. You shake your fist and ask, "God, why isn't life fair? Why am I not more successful? Why do I always get the bad breaks?" If God were a tyrant, he would just say, "You're going to take whatever life dishes out, and you're going to like it. And if you're unhappy, I don't want to hear about it." But that's not your God. He's like loving father, or a devoted friend, or an attentive husband. He cares, and he's ready to listen. Listen to what the LORD is saying: "Stand up and state your case against me. Let the mountains and hills be called to witness your complaints. (Micah 6:1)

You’re thinking, "If I said to God what I really wanted to say, he would strike me dead with a bolt of lightning.” Well He won’t, He could, but He won’t. Have you ever read the Psalms? They're not always filled with praise and hallelujah. Sometimes they're filled with frustration, and doubt, and disappointment. Sometimes they're filled with verse after verse of belly-aching. God, why are you ignoring me? Why are you doing this to me? Why do you hide when I need you? How long will you wait to hear me? The psalms are brutally honest. (Check out Psalm 10, 13, 88)

Here is the principle of Micah 6:1 that will work wonders in your relationship with God— revealing your feelings begins the healing. You cannot be in a right relationship with God (or anyone) unless you are willing to engage in open and honest communication.

This means that you not only tell God what's on your mind, but you're willing to listen to what is on his mind. Every time in my life that I have wailed at God over my circumstances and my frustration and his apparent inattentiveness, he has spoken back to me — through his Word, through his Spirit, through godly leaders. And he always teaches me something in the process.

Being right with God isn't about pretending that life is good when it isn't. God wants you to be honest with him. This isn't religion, it's a relationship. A relationship cannot survive without communication.


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