I have been around long enough to know good times and bad times are cyclical. If you've been around for anytime at all, you've weathered a life storm once or twice. Storms of difficulty and trouble come in different shapes and sizes. Maybe your family life is in the midst of upheaval. Maybe your marriage is on the brink of divorce. Maybe your kids are living on the edge of rebellion. Maybe someone close to you is facing serious health issues — maybe you aren't sure of what the future may hold.

One mistake that is made in times of trouble is to let the crisis play with your head. You will get depressed and fearful and start thinking, "This is it. This is the beginning of the end. It will always be this way. It will never get better. From now on, I'm on my own. There's no one to help me. I can't trust anyone ever again," and on and on and on. Another mistake made in times of trouble is to react rather respond. When faced with times of trouble, make sure to keep your head on straight, and don't panic or give into despair, just don't over-react.

If you're facing difficult times — and many times you can be up against some big struggles in one area or another — there are certain things you need to hang on to in order to get you through the storm. Simply remind yourself that the storm will not last — they always eventually blow over — but the question is, what kind of shape will you be in when the storm has passed? Will you be emotionally devastated, resentful, angry, and bitter? Or will you emerge enthusiastic, joyful and triumphant? Will your faith in God disappear, or it will become stronger than ever before? You can know full-well that the storms of life won't last, however, the question you must ask yourself is: Will I last? Am I prepared to weather this storm? Am I ready to endure times of trouble?

In battles you face, you can trust God to see you through. It's a good thing to remind yourself when you're facing a storm: Yes, it may be ugly now, and I can't avoid dealing with the situation in front of me, but this situation won't last forever. God will see me through. You can keep your hope alive by remembering that God is on our side, working things out on your behalf. You can also keep your hope alive by remembering that you're not alone. “In times of trouble, may the Lord answer your cry. May the name of the God of Jacob keep you safe from all harm… May we shout for joy when we hear of your victory... we will rise up and stand firm” (Psalm 20:1, 5, 8). David begins Psalm 20 acknowledging the reality of times of trouble, but he never lets go of hope.

Remember that as a Christ-follower you are not a "nothing or nobody" person. You belong to the family of God. At some time you may lose someone dear to you through death or divorce, but you will never lose everyone dear to you. You belong to the family of God; you are here, we are here for one another. There are people who love you, who need you, who believe in you, and they're waiting for you. Don't forget about them; draw from their strength.

When times are good, you need to remember that God is the One who is blessing you. When times are tough, you need to remember that God is the One who can see you through. In times of trouble, keep God first in your life. Don't let fear take his place. Don't put your hope in someone or something else. Don't let your heart get cold and distant. Stay close to him. In this way you will be weathered for any storm. Keep hanging on. The storm you're facing will pass.


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