If truth be told, I’m reasonably sure, no one knows what it is like to serve a “Lord” these days. The true meaning of the word originates form an earlier time back in history. From generation to generation the expanse of time makes it difficult for our contemporary culture to fully appreciate the depth of its significance.  We have elected local, state, and national officials along with others in our society to whom we “give” authority. By contrast, in those by-gone days, “lords” had complete and sovereign control over everything within their territory. They had unrestricted control over everyone and everything under their authority. To acknowledge someone as “lord” meant that you obeyed their ownership and authority over your life without hesitation. 

Using the focal lens of history, stop and think for a moment about the following question:  Is Jesus the Lord of your life?  Really?  I confess there are times when Jesus is NOT Lord of my life in the way that He should be.  There are parts of my life that become basically “mine,” and I struggle to give them over to His lordship.  For many Christians Jesus is simply reduced to a convenience or merely someone who can pull them out of trouble when they get in too deep.

Jesus calls us to give our lives over to Him as Lord.  If He is Lord, doesn’t it just make sense that we would obey everything He calls us to do?  The apostle Paul put it this way; “It's God we are answerable to — all the way from life to death and everything in between …. That's why Jesus lived and died and then lived again: so that he could be our Lord and Master across the entire range of life and death”— Romans 14:8-9 THE MESSAGE.

God designed life to make sense when we let Him rule and reign in our lives. Thank God that He is perfect in our every weakness and in our stubbornness! Thank God that Jesus is patient with us even in our stubbornness, and continues to call us to give over our lives in obedience to Him. May we all have the courage to let Jesus truly be Lord of our lives.


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