I was watching the Discovery Channel the other evening where they were demonstrating with time lapse photography the unique capability of the Starfish. If a starfish should lose a limb, it can re-grow a new one. This is called regeneration. The process can take years, but when it is complete, you would probably not be able to tell that the starfish had ever been damaged.

Many of us have been damaged by circumstances of our lives. We limp around with burdens from the past. The battles of life have torn at our resolve and stolen bits of our joy, leaving us bruised and crippled. It is easy to do the quick fix and “Band-Aid” our pain or mask the hurt. But underneath the façade lies a bleeding wound that over time will continue to fester until it is laid before the Great Healer.

It can take years for the limb of a starfish to regenerate until it is whole again. However, if you take the starfish away from its source of life, the ocean, not only will it never heal, but it will ultimately die. The same is true with you.

The Christ-follower’s source of life is Jesus, and He wants to heal you. Many of us go through life with burdens weighing heavily on our shoulders. Whether it is the weight of sin, regret, oppression, persecution, abuse, sorrow, divorce, unfaithfulness, fear, unforgiveness, betrayal, regret…Jesus says, “Come to me.” He wants to come alongside you and heal you. He wants to take the Band-Aids off and properly clean your wounds.

If you want to be healed and set free from the burdens that weigh you down, call out to Jesus. It will take time and it may not be easy, but remember Jesus is the source of life, stay in Him and ultimately you will be healed. And when you are healed, you will experience the love, peace and hope only Jesus can bring.


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