Help, O Lord! This is a prayer given by King David in Psalm 12:1. It is an amazing simple prayer yet usefully short.  It is so suitable for our need. It says volumes in such few words and is greatly expressive to God for assistance.
David lamented over the scarcity of faithful men at his disposal. He lifts up his heart making his plea to God—when the creature failed, he reached out and up to the Creator. He evidently felt his own weakness, or he would not have cried for help. However, at the same time he intended honestly to use himself for the cause of truth.  Using the word "help" has no meaning if we ourselves do nothing.
This prayer is full of directness, with focused insight as a plainly stated petition of two words. It expresses so much more than the long rambling outpourings we usually profess to our God. This King after God’s own heart runs straight-way to Him, with a well-measured prayer. David knows what he is in search of, and where to find it. Lord, teach us to pray in the same holy fashion.
There are numerous occasions for the use of this prayer. It is well suited to use when you’re exhausted because all your fellow laborers have left your side. If you are a student facing difficulties in understanding concepts it’s time to cry out this way to the Holy Spirit, the great Teacher. When you are fighting inward spiritual battles it’s time to send out this request to the throne for reinforcements. Use this plea to obtain grace in time of need. Those who are sincere in looking for Jesus with doubts and fears in tow may offer up the same weighty appeal. In fact in all of these examples, at any time, and no matter the place this petition will serve well each needy soul.
This cry of "Help, Lord," will suit us when we are living life full-throttle or facing the dread door of dying, suffering with illness or laboring hard at the work place, rejoicing or in the throes of an agonizing struggle. Don’t slack-off in crying out to Him—for God is where help is found. The answer to this prayer is certain if it is sincerely offered in Jesus’ name. You can be assured because of the character of the Lord that He will not ignore your imploring. His is Father! That’s just the way it is! This relationship He has with us is our guarantee that He will not forsake us but rather come to our aid. Jesus is our gift and pledge of every good thing. His promise still stands, “For I hold you by your right hand—I, the Lord your God. And I say to you, 'Don't be afraid. I am here to help you.’” — Isaiah 41:13 NLT


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