The apostle Peter claims Jesus is precious (1 Peter 2:7). I would have to agree with this claim. His radiance far out shines the sun. There is not a gemstone as exquisite or a pearl as stunning that can compare to the value of his preciousness. Peter did not and could not put a value to our precious Jesus Christ because he is priceless and all other things compared to him are worthless. All of our words cannot speak to the elegance of the Lord Jesus.  All of our joy is centered in him. Yet it is still difficult as his followers to fully articulate how essential he is to our satisfaction and happiness.

Without our Savior this world is a weeping wilderness. I believe that without the Sun of Righteousness (Malachi 4:2) shining down on the planet that the flowers in our gardens and the fruit on our trees would have no purpose and wither away — even the birds would stop singing. Christ is the life of our life. He is the light of our light. He is the soul of our soul. What would the world do without him? What would happen if we had no fellowship with him? The day’s battles would be long and unbearable. The night would be fearful and lonely.
Praise his holy name Christ-follower for he is faithful and will not allow us to suffer and toil without him. Jesus never forsakes his own. Stop for just a moment and ponder what life would be without him. After such a contemplative exercise it can only result in (for the believer) enhancing his preciousness. Try it! Then give me your feedback on your precious discoveries.


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