Break Point

Under what circumstances, under what conditions would it take for you to walk away from your deep abiding convictions? Before the threat of immediate harm you were bold in your resolve to never leave that which you were walking in, but now it just became real. All the parameters that gave you courage were now face-to-face. At that pivotal moment all your words of commitment flee as you reached your break point. It was “at that point” when the Temple guard grabbed and arrested Jesus that “all the disciples deserted him and fled.” (Matthew 26:56)

Not once, in three and a half years, did Jesus ever desert them, but in a moment of extreme fear for their lives they fled from Him at the most pivotal point of His life. This is how we typically are as Christ-followers. When everything is going our way with nothing but blue skies around us we sing “glory to God in the highest” with exuberant glee. But in that moment when we see the wolf coming we leave the Lamb to seek our own fleshly security. Jesus gave the disciples ample warning about the danger that awaited Him and they promised to die rather than leave their Lord. Yet, seized with fear they took to the closest exit.

Before we get all over the lack of back bone displayed by the disciples, I know that, I can begin a new day with every intention to “Live for Jesus” just to end up displaying the same break point traits they had. This only confirms my arrogance and pride to think that I would have a better chance at avoiding evil than those apostles. It is one thing to make promise statements, and quite another to put them into play. Our faith isn’t greater than theirs.

What can learn from this? When faced with a break point the safest place to be, even when our flesh says; “run for your life,” is near the Savior. After all the text points out that He could have instantly called for thousands of angels to come to their aid. There is always true safety in the presence of Jesus. Those same cowardly disciples became courageous witnesses for the Gospel when the Holy Spirit descended upon them at Pentecost. This same Spirit will always make us brave at the time of our break point. All that is required is to acknowledge the Lord for who He is and He will enable us to stand as witnesses for His truth against evil and unbelief.


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