Grace is God’s approval and compassion imparted on those who do not deserve it and cannot earn it. “And of His fullness we have all received, grace upon grace” — John 1:16.  If God dealt with us only according to truth, none of us would survive. Thankfully, He deals with us on the basis of grace and truth. Jesus Christ, in His life, death, and resurrection, met all the requirements of the Law, now God is free to share the fullness of grace with those who trust Christ. Grace without truth would be deceitful and truth without grace would be condemning.

Christ-follower there is a fullness of life that satisfies the body and soul because this grace and truth has come through Jesus Christ. It has brought you a full and complete pardon from sin as it regenerates and sanctifies you into His perfect will for your life. You are promised this fullness by His grace regardless of comfort or discomfort, or times of weakness or strength, wealth or poverty. All of His wisdom, power, and love are but a few of the wonderful things that you have received. His grace always streams flowing full of living water to quench the conditions of your soul.
There is no excuse to run dry. Come and get grace full. Get all you need. In Christ Jesus is the inexhaustible treasure you desire. Grace is in easy-reach, Emmanuel—God with us.


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