There is an old familiar saying; “Keeping up with the Joneses.” Today I guess it would be; “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” Either way it speaks to our self-gratifying nature of wanting what others have and when we have it… we’ll have “IT!” So, go ahead, take an inventory of all you possess and compare that to someone else’s portion. After all, the Bible says we do it more than we would like to admit. “You want what you don’t have, so you scheme to get it. You are jealous of what others have.” (James 4:2a)

In your life time you’re going to find some folks have their portion in farm and ranch land that is worth a sizeable sum. But compared to your God who is the Lord of the harvest it’s not much. After all, God is the one who satisfies your need by feeding you with the bread of heaven. Other people have their portion in the stock market and their wealth is abundant, and flows to them in constant streams, until they use all their extra gold on furnishings, but what is gold compared to your God? You can’t live on it. Your spiritual life cannot be sustained by it. Put gold on your troubled conscience. Could it relieve your emotional pains? If you apply some of it on your despondent heart, do you think it could take away a single solitary groan, or make your grief any less?  Come on now, what are you thinking? You have God! In him you have so much more than what gold or riches could ever buy.

There are griefs in this life which wealth cannot alleviate. There is the deep need in life and death situations for which riches cannot provide. But when you have Jesus and his word for your portion, you have more than everything else put together. In Jesus every want is met, whether in life or in death.

With Jesus Christ as your portion you’re indeed rich! He will supply your need, comfort your heart, ease your grief, and guide your steps. He will be with you in the dark valleys, and then take you home to enjoy Him as your portion forever. “You are my portion, O Lord”— Psalm 119:57.


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