Are you burdened with today’s troubles? God’s covenant blessings are not intended to be looked at only, but to be applied. There is a fountain filled with blood so use it, believer, use it. Your Lord Jesus is given to you for your use in this present real-time moment. Christ-follower, why do you not make use of Christ as you ought to do. When you are in trouble, why do you not tell Him about all your grief? Has He not a sympathizing heart, and can He not comfort and relieve you?

Don’t just be going to all your friends telling your tale. Make sure you talk to your best Friend—the Lord Jesus Christ. “God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.” (Psalm 46:1)

He is your strength! You can lean heavily on Him. Don’t let guilt be a road block. Never forget about the pardoning grace of Jesus. You can always make use of its ample supply again and again.

What’s your trouble? Do you need to be cleansed from you sin? Come to Him! Are you weak and vulnerable? Come to Him! Do you feel you are all alone? Come to Him! Remember, you’re His child and He has provided you with the robe of His righteousness. Child stop looking at that robe, put it on and wear it! Don’t let your righteousness and your fear prevent you from wearing what you were meant to wear.

What’s your trouble? Do you find yourself sick? Call on Him! Pull out the smart-phone of prayer, and call up the Great Physician! He will revive you. Do you find yourself under the weight of debt? Call on Him! You have a Mighty God who is looking out for your good. Ask Him to give to you out of His abundance. He has already promised that you are a joint heir with Him.

He has done all in order to be yours. Don’t make Christ your Trophy God! (I don’t think He likes that title). He doesn’t want to be your show piece and not be used. He loves you and wants to be there for you. The more burdens you put on His shoulders, the more precious He will be to you.


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