Hallelujah! Praise God from heaven, praise him from the mountaintops; praise him, all you his angels, praise him, all you his warriors, praise him, sun and moon, praise him, you morning stars; praise him, high heaven, praise him, heavenly rain clouds; praise, oh let them praise the name of God — he spoke the word, and there they were! He set them in place from all time to eternity; He gave his orders, and that's it! (Psalm 148:1-6 THE MESSAGE)

The dictionary defines praise as the “act of expressing approval, admiration, commendation or laudation.” For Christ-followers, praising God is an act of honoring and worshiping, of lifting Him up above all others and glorifying His name. Praise brings us closer to God as it awakens us spiritually and serves as a connection between the Lord and us.

The Bible talks about different ways that people praise and worship the Lord. People sing, dance, clap their hands, play instruments and raise their hands as ways to show reverence to God in an act of worship and praise. However, praise is more than simply singing a song or clapping your hands, it is a condition of the heart. Giving God praise is not something Christ-followers are to do just when they feel like it. God is worthy of our praise all the time.

God delights in the praise of His people. Jesus spoke out against the Pharisees who glorified God in appearance, but inside their hearts, were calloused and focused on their own agenda. We must come before the Lord and live a life of praise: A life that doesn’t only bow before the throne of God at church, but lives a life where praise is a part of daily actions, attitude and heart condition.


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