In the last installment of Worthy Words I looked at the issue of soul mutiny— where the spiritual life backslides away from God.  In this issue let me offer what could be a solution when you find your soul out of fellowship with the Spirit.  If an ember is still smoldering you can always take it and spark it into a flame using the bellows of God’s Word. In Psalm 51, King David offers up a prayer to God to be restored. The chapter’s central theme is implored in verse ten—“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.”

Following through the first twelve verses of this Psalm you find continual cries for restoration that rise to the level of the request for grace when conversion first takes place bringing us into the arms of Jesus. This is the tone of repentance. It needs to be exercised by the heart and erupt out of the mouth through the manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit to suspend this present sin and bring soul renewal.
When you get your flesh out of the way and find yourself powerless you will not let your personal weakness silence your lips as you run to the mercy-seat of Christ. You will—like David—groan for restoration: (v1) “Have mercy on me,” (v2) “Wash me,” (v4) Against you…I sinned,” (v7) “Purge me,” (v9) “Blot out all my iniquities,” (v10) “Create in me a clean heart…renew a right spirit within me,” (v11) “Cast me not away from your presence…take not your Holy Spirit from me,” (v12) “Restore to me the joy of your salvation.” These verses can serve as catalyst to reignite God’s grace in your life. Use them.  It is a necessity to know that all the power must come from Him. Only God can bring the miracle of restoration and renew your soul.


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