It’s Crying Time Again

Crying is the universally accepted way to express sorrow. Infants belt out this noise when all other modes of appeal to their parents fail. The same can be said of Christ-followers expressing their trouble to their heavenly parent, the Lord God. Only to Him should we bear our soul’s intense and personal distresses, for to cry to man is to waste our pleas— it’s like throwing them up into the air only to have them crash land.

David expressed it like this in Psalm 28:1 when he said, “I pray to you, O Lord, my rock. Do not turn a deaf ear to me. For if you are silent, I might as well give up and die.”  If we could only stop for a sober moment to consider how ready the Lord is to hear our cry and strengthen our hearts in His ability to render us aid, we would develop an instinctive habit for directing all our requests instantly to the Rock of our salvation.
The Psalmist exclaims "Don’t turn a deaf ear to me." This is no formal prayer taught to say in church whereby mere repeating countless times its content never yields the desired results—answers! That is not what is used with the genuine heartfelt cry of the child of God. They are not satisfied with the results of prayer itself—calming the mind and subduing the will. They must go further and obtain feedback from heaven, or they cannot rest.  The immediate reply form heaven’s throne is what they long for and must receive at once. Even momentary silence from God is dreaded. His voice can disrupt the universe but is silence can be just as disconcerting to the Christ-follower pleading for an answer. It is important to remember, Christ follower if you have the impression that God has gone deaf do not stop crying. Intensify the crying. When the shrill tones your grief eagerly reach out to Him, He will not deny you a hearing (check out Luke 18:6-8).
It would be a sad and hopeless situation if our Lord should become altogether silent concerning our prayers. David exclaims, “For if you are silent, I might as well give up and die.” If God cut off communication with us, O how deprived we would be and no better off than those lost to hell. It is imperative to our situation that He speaks peace to our restless hearts. The truth is God cannot find it in His heart to allow His children to perish (John 3:16).


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