It is of the utmost importance for a Christ-follower to grow not only in grace, but in the "knowledge" of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To know God is the greatest form of knowledge and is a source of strength. “The people who know their God shall stand firm and take action.” (Daniel 11:32 ESV)

Knowledge strengthens our faith. The Bible speaks often of believers blessed and taught about the Lord. It says in 1 John 2:20, “Christ, the Holy One, has blessed you, and now all of you understand.” It is the work of the Holy Spirit to lead a believer into all truth for the purpose of increasing and developing their faith. Along with our faith, knowledge also strengthens our love of Christ. It is the door through which we see the Savior. Knowledge takes a high resolution photo of Jesus and when we see that picture of Him we love Him. We can’t love Him if we don’t know Him. Low level knowledge of what Jesus has done for us  and is doing for us puts a limitation on the amount of love we can give Christ, but the more we know Him the more we will love Him. Knowledge also strengthens our hope. How can we hope for something if we do not know exists? My cousin Perry who lives in Keller has a telescope setup in his backyard. He uses it to gaze at the wonders of the heavens. It is an elaborate setup— a small observatory. Computers and internet streaming puts what he sees up on a website—way too complicated for most people to understand.  Because of his knowledge of the equipment he is able to display some amazing vistas of the galaxies. Hope can be like the telescope to us, until we receive the instruction on how to use it our ignorance stands in the way of viewing the splendor of Christ. Knowledge removes our lack of understanding and we’re able then to gaze through the bright optics of hope viewing the wonders of the glory of God with confidence. Knowledge gives us reasons for patience. When we know something of the compassion of Christ we are well suited to understand the good that comes through the correction that our heavenly Father administers to us. Even in the grace of holy discipline we are nurtured and brought to a more complete knowledge of His holiness. Resolve today to stand firm in the awesome knowledge of the Lord.


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