There is a term our culture uses to reflect the lack of thoroughness when putting forth a plan or project. Someone will say, “Well that was a half-baked idea” as they witness a person’s failed action towards a goal. Noting is accomplished after a certain amount of eagerness, effort, energy, and dough. The lack of thoroughness created compromise making the process worthless and good-for-nothing—half-baked.

Nomadic people in biblical times baked their bread on hot rocks. If the dough wasn’t turned, one side of the loaf would be burned and the other side uncooked. Hosea used this familiar cooking faux pas to point out Israel’s lack of thoroughness in living out God’s Word. They were to be a people separate and set apart as God’s nation yet they compromised and mixed their culture with the political systems of other nations and got “burned” by Assyria.  “The people of Israel mingle with godless nations, making themselves as worthless as a half-baked cake!” (Hosea 7:8)

Christ-followers we must be thorough and not “Half-Baked” when it comes to our relationship with the Lord. God’s supreme gracious work through His son Jesus Christ must permeate our whole being, not just a part, so that our heart, our mind, and our strength are all devoted to Him. Compromise with the world leads you to unbalanced conduct and immature character.

Are you thorough in the things of God, or are you half-baked?  Has His grace cooked through the very center of your being in order that your eagerness, energy, effort, actions, words and thoughts are not doughy but done—sanctified? I’m not saying you are or must be perfect. I’m saying that the action of sanctification is showing up in you as holiness no matter which way to turn. Whether you are at work or worship you are known as His because you have asked the Lord to turn your doughy nature to the fire of Christ’s love. Therefore, whether you are at work or worship you will not be found to be double-minded for you have been cooked on both sides being entirely under the powerful influence of His thorough and amazing grace.  How do you order up your bread of life? For me, I want mine… well done!


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