When the maneuvers of others place your life into a crisis a quick response time overrides debating and deliberation. This was the situation King David found himself in when his son Absalom made a deceitful move to replace him as king by deadly force. Absalom was a handsome man whose charm was hard to resist.  Even though he was of royal blood he was not a true leader. He had no character. He counterfeited his concern for the people to get them to follow him by telling them what they wanted to hear and gave them what they wanted to have. Absalom was a complete liar simply advancing his own interests through affecting the devotion of the people by manufacturing an image of himself that the people couldn’t resist. David was the nation’s servant, Absalom was its celebrity. Because of the dishonest maneuvering of Absalom David left his throne in order to protect the inhabitants of Jerusalem.  The Bible says 2 Samuel 15:23 that; “They crossed the Kidron Valley and then went out toward the wilderness.” David had been betrayed by his own son along with his most trusted adviser.

Jesus, the King of Kings, also crossed over the Kidron — through which the filth of Jerusalem flowed (John 18:1) — when he was betrayed by one close to Him, Judas — who arranged for His apprehension. David and Jesus, both betrayed, both experienced the wilderness, both overcame their injustices by their trust in God’s Word.  Have you crossed the Kidron of betrayal by a friend, a family member, or a spouse? Have you been unjustly slandered? Are you facing physical pain? Are you under persecution? Are others showing contempt toward you? Know this that Christ your Savior has been afflicted in your affliction, but without sin. He knows by experience your grief, pain, and sorrow that you feel has only ever happened to you.

Like David (check out: Psalm 4:2; 55:11-14), Christ-followers must have such trust in God in the tight-spots of life (Psalm 6; 30:5; 39:12; 56:8-13) by having the conviction that no matter how disordered and disturbed everything is, the Lord is still on His throne. No matter how troubled your heart feels concerning your situation know that the Lord will always keep and fulfill His promises. Your mindset must be that Jesus alone is your rock and your salvation the fortress where you can never be shaken. Just wait quietly for victory in prayer as you pour out your heart to Him, for He is your refuge. As you cry out for help because your heart is overwhelmed know He hears and His unfailing love and faithfulness are watching over you soldiers of the Cross.


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