Every now and then I find myself describing someone as "solid." It describes a person who cannot be moved, not by tragedy or criticism or bad luck or even a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity — the kind that calls for NO compromise of one's values. You can count on this immovable person to be who they are, regardless of their circumstances. This is a character quality that I admire, and it's one that I aspire to. When I see it in a person, I want to be around them, and I want to be like them. Guess what? So does God. He is looking for this kind of individual in you so that He can use you in a mighty way and pour out His blessings on your life in abundance.

How do you become solid? It's all over the Bible, but there is passage in particular that has jumped out at me recently. Psalm 15, written by King David. He talks about the kind of person who lives a life pleasing to God, the kind of person who "dwells on God's holy hill— in other words, in His presence." David makes what could be considered a checklist of the essential character qualities this kind of person has, and then he closes the psalm with this assertion in verse five; “Such people will stand firm forever.”

Your goal as a Christ-follower is to become solid—Immovable in your faith, in your values, in your conduct and in your character. What are the things that David is talking about here? He identifies five character qualities, or five habits of behavior, that lead to a solid life. If you want to be the one who is described as "immovable" — solid— then here's your checklist.

• Be prepared to do the right thing, always.
• Use your words responsibly.
• Treat others with respect.
• Choose your influences carefully.
• Help others before you help yourself. Be trustworthy with your money.

This is the kind of person God is challenging each of you to become. What if you were to grade yourself on each item? Give yourself an honest evaluation. In which of these areas do you not measure up? Do you have the courage to make such an evaluation? And what if you were to make a conscious effort to improve in each of these areas over the next few months, over the next few years? What do you think might be result? I can tell you right now what will be the result. You will stand firm forever—Solid!


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